Gerben van Ooijen



Dr. Gerben van Ooijen

After receiving a PhD for his work at the Molecular Plant Pathology group at the University of Amsterdam in 2008, Gerben joined Andrew Millar's lab at the Centre for Systems Biology (now SynthSys) in Edinburgh, where he performed groundbreaking research on the plant circadian clock, contributing to the discovery of purely non-transcriptional circadian rhythms across eukaryotes. He then secured a University Research Fellowship from the Royal Society, London, to study cellular timekeeping in Ostreococcus and circadian regulation of biotic and abiotic stress in higher plants.

Dr. John S. O’Neill

University of Cambridge

Prof. Andrew J. Millar, FRS

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Steven H. Spoel

University of Edinburgh

Dr. Harrold van den Burg

University of Amsterdam

Ms. Louise Lipczak Hansen

Louise joined our lab in October 2013 on a Royal Society studentship. During her undergraduate at the University of Copenhagen she spend a semester in France as an Erasmus student. She subsequently obtained an MSc degree for her work on glycosylated peptides in Arabidopsis. Throughout her university degrees Louise was heavily involved in student politics; she was vice-president of the Danish national student union in 2011. Louise now works on the role of SUMOylation and other modifications in the circadian system.

Mr. Sjoerd Smit

Sjoerd joined our lab on an Erasmus studentship, studying SUMOylation in the plant circadian clock in 2015. His brewing made a lasting impression.

Dr. Vardis Ntoukakis

University of Warwick

Past members

Mr. Frederick Dear

Freddie joined our lab for his Biochemistry Honours project. He will be working on the role of transmembrane ion transporters in the Ostreococcus clock. He is very talented on a skittles alley, as you can see if you click the picture...